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Street Parking

Planet Kidz Parking Directions.jpg

Plenty of meter parking can be found in front of Planet Kidz on River Drive.  Additional meter parking can be found on 14th Street and North Boulevard located only a block away from the store.  Meter parking limit on these areas is for 1 hour only everyday.  Free parking can be found on weekends on Newport Parkway, River Drive South and Washington Boulevard which are only a few blocks away from Planet Kidz.  See map.

Meter parking, includes weekends

Free parking, weekends only

Parking Garages

Planet Kidz Parking Garages.jpg

There are several parking garages near Planet Kidz.  The Newport River Market Garage and the Ellipse Tower Garage are only one block away from the store.  


Ellipse Tower Garage:  $4.00 up to 2 hours

River Market Garage:  $7.00 up to 2 hours

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